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The Yottamud Client main purpose is to provide the user with an intuitive user interface to interact with Majormud or Greatermud game. The Yottamud Client aims to provide a stable and robust system for the user to enjoy playing the Majormud and Greatermud game without interruptions.
The Yottamud Client will use an internet connection to connect to a Majormud or Greatermud server system. The Yottamud Client has the capability to run on multiple platforms, which is appealing to users that like the option of using different operating systems such as Linux, Unix.
The Yottamud Client will use two mutually exclusive databases to import and export data collected by the player during the gaming session. The first database is the Majormud or Greatermud’s stock database used for Spells, Monsters, Rooms, Class and Race information. The second database will use custom data more specific to the Greatermud servers such as player token information and player status and quest details.
The Yottamud Client will provide a navigation system that the user can use to navigate through the Majormud and Greatermud game. The navigation system will work in conjunction with the pathing and looping systems to provide the user with near real-time updates of their current location in the world.
The Yottamud Client will provide an auto combat and healing system that allow the user to enjoy automated playing while the user is away from the keyboard. This provides an appealing feature for many users taking the tedious task of developing the player’s character, for fun and adventure at the higher levels of content in the game.

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